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Fricatrixes #1-3


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"Fricatriz (singular, plural: Fricatrixes) is an old Latin term denoting “those that rub”, used back in the day to refer to lesbian women. I found it in an essay about the history of lesbianism in medieval Portugal  - weirdly enough, authored by a professor at the University of Leeds. Sadly, I haven’t been able to find any sources pointing to the term ever being used in Portugal, which resonates with my general experience of chasing after ghosts."

FRICATRIXES is a zine series with each issue focusing on a particular lesbian historical character. This zine compiles numbers one to three, telling the stories of Fernanda Paiva Tomás, an undercover Communist agent who would become the woman to spend the longest time incarcerated in the history of Portuguese fascism; Judith Teixeira, a poet whose books caused quite the scandal in the mid-twentieth century; and Henriqueta, a nineteenth century sex worker who went to grave lengths to preserve her lover's memory. 

Printed May 2019.

44 pages/A5/b&w/stapled/English with some Portuguese